¿Where are the Coins in Geometry Dash?


Games and sports play an important role in our lives. They not only keep us mentally active but also physically fit. Participating in various games and sports is a good way of attaining good health and sharp mind.

But with the advancement of technology, we have become prone to mobile and video games rather than participating in outdoor games.

One such mobile game, which can be found in Android and IOS platforms, is Geometry Dash. It is a rhythm based game, which has 20 levels and features unique background music in its each level. A player will be required to pass various levels and with each completed level, you can expect an increase in the difficulty level as well.

Stering the various levels of the game.

You will find various benefits in its each level, such as coins and stars, which are required by a player to complete the game. Apart from playing the official level, players can create their own levels too. Is not that amazing? You can also find a practice mode, where you can play and sharpen your skills. Coins and stars remain important factors to win the game. If you are looking for ways how to find coins in geometry dash, then here we have solved your purpose. We are going to tell you the tips to locate and obtain coins in the game so that you can move to the further levels.

Before you start searching for coins, firstly keep in mind that secret coins are not available in practice mode. If you obtain secret coins from the vault, it will unlock the “Thief” achievement. You can also obtain coins on the “coming soon” screen, which will unlock the Master Detective achievement. Deadlocked and electrodynamix are two such levels which do not have a secret coin within a ship sequence. On the other hand, time machine is one such level that has a secret coin to be collected in dual mode. The first coin can be found in Hexagon force which is not shown in its sneak peek.

If you are looking for ways how to obtain secret coins, then there are 4 different ways of obtaining them. Firstly, you will need to collect three secret coins which are hidden in each official levels, when played on a normal mode. You will require to complete the levels. Another way, you can complete map packs, for which you will be rewarded one secret coin or completing demon rate map packs, you will be awarded 2 secret coins. You can also get coins by entering the vault and typing “Sparky”. Tapping and finding the secret coin on the “Coming Soon” screen will also provide you with the coins.

Geometry Dash is a tapping system game, which features a moving icon which can fly in the air. To excel the game, you will require developing your skills in controlling the timing and rhythm of the game. As you advance, you will require various benefits such as coins and stars to move ahead and win the game. Using this guide, you can start afresh with an aim of mastering the various levels of the game.

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