The Fun and Excitement of Playing Geometry Dash Game

The development and advancements made in science and technology have made it possible to create hundreds of games and each of them are as exciting and thrilling as the other. One of the latest online games that is gaining in popularity is the Geometry Dash game that was developed by Robert Topala who’s is a native of Sweden.

The game is published by RobTop Games and is a mobile game that was released in 2013. The owner of the game is the founder of the publishing company. Though a mobile game, it is also very compatible with Windows 8 and can be downloaded onto the system and the game geometry dash pc windows 8 can be played on the system. The geometry dash pc download free game app is available on various sites for free download.


One of the top features of the geometry dash pc download free game is that it has 18 levels to complete and each level can be accessed and advanced to only after the completion of the previous levels. Each of the 18 levels of the game has a different difficulty level, which increases as the levels increase. Some of the other features of the geometry dash pc online games include:

The geometry dash pc game is played by using a moving icon that is controlled by a very user friendly tapping system.

Playing the game is a really easy as the player just needs to press the screen that is touch sensitive and the icon begins to jump. It is difficult for the players to control the speed of the icon as the icon has a very rapid movement. What makes this game so exciting is that they have incorporated different kinds of music to each game making each geometry dash pc free game as unique as possible.

The speed and rhythm of the game somehow mesmerize the player and makes it really enjoyable.

Once downloaded the geometry dash pc full game can be played on the PC without any hassles. The geometry dash pc apk file can be downloaded from a number of websites.

One of the reasons for its popularity and its position on the top of everybody’s favorite is that it is filled with the fun and excitement besides making the player highly proactive with it. Moreover, the simple style of playing, and not too much of analyzing or thinking involved in the game make the Geometry Dash a highly playable game especially for youngsters who find it quite addictive.

The latest offering is the geometry dash pc lite which is filled with a maps and foot tapping music making the players feel extremely excited about being able to play the game. Added to the music is the visual that add to the audio effects of the game. Just like other games of the Geometry Dash series, this too is fun and since it is a fast paced game there is never any time for boredom.

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