Geometry dash online


Geometry Dash is a 2013 running game based on rhythm which features 18 levels with unique background music. In this musical action game the players are required to navigate a square in a very hostile environment.

Completing the game can be a daunting task since even a small slip up would land you up in the first level. In every level the players need to avoid the obstacles and keep navigating without touching anything, which implies death. Every time you complete a level for the first time a new character icon would be unlocked which can be used by the players to customize their runner. The immensely popular android game also comes in a PC version. In geometry dash online game the player needs to jump over all the obstacles using the space bar.

Completing the geometry dash online levels can be a very challenging and engaging task since even the slightest mistake would take you back to the beginning of the level being played. Any hardened player, who has successfully completed all the levels of geometry dash online unblocked,

should opt for the geometry dash online full version game. The online complete version of this game can be purchased at a very nominal rate and this mind boggling game is available on Xbox 360, amazon appstore, ovi store among others.

The geometry dash online game free which can be played on a number of sites comes with 10 levels of varying difficulty. However the complete version of geometry dash comes with 18 levels which are almost impossible to complete. Owners of the full version of geometry dash game can also create their own special levels which are referred to as unofficial levels. These levels come either with the same gameplay music or with custom music from the Newgrounds site.

However one should make sure to try out the geometry dash online no download version of the game before proceeding to buy it. One can also choose to download the geometry dash apk file which is downloadable from a number of websites.

The enormous fun and challenges of this game makes it very addictive which is why this game can be often seen on the top of many lists. This frustratingly exciting obstacle course game would allow you to play with a character of your choice which will be jumping over objects and avoiding potential threats.

Since all the levels are unlocked from the beginning the play can choose any level haphazardly. The players are required to collect 3 secret coins which are scattered or hidden. These coins would enable them to unlock other cool features. The pulsing, flashing, rotating and even invisible obstacles and other background elements make this game all the more challenging.

The practice mode of this game can be used for any level and it would give the players a basic idea about the concept of the game. The most difficult level of this game is termed as the demon level and the name itself suggest the difficulty level. Even the most experienced players won’t be able to cross this stage at one go.

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