How to unlock all icons


The fans of geometry dash must be amazed by having such an exciting game in their device. The game has an action platform which is themed with music.

This music encourages the player to do well in all the easy and difficult levels. In this game, the players need to navigate a square through an environment which becomes hostile as the levels go higher.

No doubt the game can be little bit difficult for the beginners, but the regular players become crazy when they complete the particular level and then try to reach the next. They are just passionate about completing the levels and winning the rewards.

For unlocking the icons, you need to make achievements. This is very simple to do but takes time. Like you have to play the game, complete the challenges and the map packs, after which you get stars and the secret coins.

You can get the rewards by playing the official levels, demon levels and even through general game play. You can use the secret coins to unlock the particular feature of the game. Once you unlock the particular feature, it will be shown in the brown coloured box that is located at the screen top and a ringing sound will be produced.

To unlock different icons, the game has different requirements. Every icons needs some task to be completed for its unlocking. These tasks can be:

  • Playing official level

  • Playing demon level

  • Collecting stars

  • Collecting secret coins

  • Completing the particular number of map packs or user levels

  • Making specified number of jumps or attempts

  • Collecting user coins

  • Completing ultimate demon levels

  • Making secret achievements

  • Typing particular words into the Vault

  • And some miscellaneous tasks

Here we are going to give you the information about the particular requirements for unlocking icons.

Starter Geometry Dash Icons

The starter Icons are unlocked automatically.


Beating Sterio Madness and Back on Track in normal mode you get this icons:


Beating Polargeist and Dry out you get this icons:


Beating Base After Base, Cant Let Go and Beat Jumper you get this icons:


Completing 10 user-made levels and rating Geometry Dash you get this icons:


Complete Time Machine in normal mode and get this icon:


Beat Cycles in practice and normal mode and you get this two icons:


Beat xStep in practice and normal mode and get this icons:


These icons are unlock by completing a certain number of demon levels. Level 1 = Icon 1, etc…

The icons from 19 to 22 and the icon 37 can be unlocked by playing the particular “demon levels” in normal mode. Icon 60 and 61 can be unlocked by completing “ultimate demon levels” and the icons- 39, 41, 50 and 55 through “secret achievements”.


This icons are unlocked when you get certain number of stars. Look the image above to know how much stars for each icon:

The next icons that are number from 23 to 30 except 27, plus the icon 61 requires the collection of “stars” for their unlocking. The requirement of these stars is 100 for the icon 23 which goes up to 3000 for icon 61.


Complete the level Theory of Everything in normal mode and get this icons:


These are unlocked by obtaining a certain number of stars:


Find secret coins and complete a map pack to get this icons:

Collecting the particular number of “secret coins” can help you to unlock the icons which are numbered- 31, 32, 34, 38, 43 and 57.

Completing “map packs” can enable you to unlock icon 33 and icon 58 which requires you to complete 1 and 35 map packs respectively.


The icons from 5 to 18 plus the icon numbers- 27, 35, 42, 44 and 45 can be unlocked by playing the various “official levels” in the normal mode.

If you remain successful in completing 300 user levels then you will get your icon 40 unlocked. You can get icon 49, 52, 53 and 56 unlocked for collecting 10, 150, 60 and 110 “user coins” respectively.

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