How to make a Portal in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a mobile game developed by Robert Topala and published by his company RobTop Games. It has 20 levels and is a rhythm based running game which features unique background music in its each level.

As you proceed to advance levels, the difficulty level gets increased and you unlock new features and benefits. Geometry Dash features a moving icon which jumps in the air, when a player taps anywhere on the touch screen.

Portals can be defined as special map components. They modify the way player interacts with the level and can also alter the icons into different forms. There are various portals present in Geometry Dash, which serve different functions.

Gravity portal is used to flipping the icon’s gravity. On the other hand mirror portal is used to reverse the screen direction.

Dual portal produces an antigravity copy of the icon and teleportation is used to enter the blue portal teleports. If we talk about the size portal, it modifies the icon’s size. The yellow portal makes you turn upside down, orange reverse your screen, blue resets the previous position, pink makes you smaller and green goes back to regular jumping mode.

You will have to pass through various hurdles to cross the level. You will be confronted with spikes and other hazards to increase the difficulty level for the players. Along the way, players can collect secret coins which are hidden or are scattered in challenging areas to help players unlock other achievements.

You can also see a progress bar on the top of the screen, which will tell you how far a player has gone.
When you use the test mode on the level editor, you will find that all the portals have an alternate design in the level editor. This is due to the fact that portals which have two separate images in the GJ_gamesheet file.

The green speed portal increases the speed to such an extent that cube can jump upto 1 tile further and the pink speed portal increases speed that it can jump upto 2 tiles further. The wave moves at 45 degrees and 63 degree angles in the normal and shrunken forms respectively. Unlike dual and mirror portals, teleportation portals can be used to go through the blue ones first than orange ones.

Geometry Dash also features practice mode, which you can utilize to sharpen your skills and get your hands on the game.

There are various benefits locked in each level, which you will reveal simultaneously. There are also various online tools and software’s available that claim to provide players with the cheats and hacks.

You may take help of those tools and software to master the game and become an expert at it. As rules and regulations for various games are different and it takes some time and patience to make you acquainted with the principles. Such is the case with Geometry Dash. You will need spending some time, energy and dedication to excel at the game.

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