How to hack geometry dash with ifile?


No doubt that geometry dash is a wonderful game, but it is tough and complicated too. You need to keep patience while playing it and try again and again to reach the particular level or unlock the particular elements like icons, colors, balls or whatever you want to. The game is so fantastic that you get addicted to it and want to play it even when you get frustrated by trying it again and again. The only thing that you want at such a time is to pass the particular level and reach the next. But, how to do that if you get stuck?

ifile-hack-geometry-dashOh! Don’t get frustrated too much. We have some great news for you if you are facing the same situation. With the application named “iFile”, you are enabled to unlock the levels, icons, balls or any other element of the game that you want. You just need to follow a simple process after which you will find the particular element unlocked for you. This process is known as “hacking” in which you hack the particular level or element with iFile. Now, let us tell you about this amazing process without letting you wait.

Hacking the geometry dash with iFile

In this we are going to tell you about the unlocking process for icons, ships, balls, stars and other elements. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, know that what you want to unlock. Whether it is a ball, icon, star or whatever; choose the one and know its position on the display.

  • After knowing that, exit the geometry dash and go to iFiles. When you open it, you will see many folders. Go to “Applications”

  • Now you should know that which app you have to select i.e. Geometry dash. It will be written as its full name or only Geometry.

  • After opening the geometry, go to the folder named “” and in that you will find the file- AchievementsDesc.plist. Go to that file. If there are two files with the same name, then select the one with bigger size. You just need to touch it and then go to “text viewer”.

  • Then you will find- “did 100 attempts” and in the fourth line next to it you will find the element’s name like “ball_1” or “icon_4” or any other unlocked element. This line means that you have completed the particular level.

  • What you need to do is cut that element name and replace it with the one you are trying to unlock. For instance, assume that there is written- “icon_6” and you are trying to unlock the 9th icon. Then, replace “icon_6” with “icon_9”.

  • Then, click on done and save the changes.

  • Exit the iFile and reopen the Geometry Dash. Go to icons (as we have given the example of an icon) and you will find the 9th icon unlocked.

You can follow the same procedure for unlocking the other characters like stars, ships and balls.

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