How to get secret coins on geometry dash


It has been rightly said that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Games play a vital role in making our bodies fit and healthy. Games provide a good exercise to our body and keep various ailments and diseases at an arm’s distance. These days, people are getting more inclined towards video or mobile games. With the advent of advanced technology, individuals prefer playing games on their smartphones and laptops instead of going out and have some play.

Geometry dash is one such game which is loved and liked by many. It is a rhythm and action game developed by Robert Topala and is released on IOS and android platforms. It is one such game for which you need to push your skills to test as you fly, flip and jump through hazardous passes and spiffy obstacles.

Timing and speed remain an important factor to win this game. It consists of various levels, which get difficult and advanced as you clear them. When you progress towards advanced levels, you will unlock various benefits such as stars and coins, which are required by a player to win the game.

Features of Geometry Dash

get-secret-coins-geometry-dashAs mentioned earlier, coins and stars remain important factors to win the game. You will require lots of coins and stars which are present in nearly all the levels. There are various tools and software’s available on the internet that claim to provide players with the cheats and hacks using which they can get secret coins in geometry dash.

These tools provide you with various options such as geometry dash score, geometry dash stars, and level up. You will be learning money cheats, cash hack tool, resource tool, cheat engines, hack sheet, new bots and many other hacks.

New players, who are not yet skilled in the game can use practice modes to sharpen their skills and unleash new ways to getting secret coins in the game. It is only through practice you can discover new ways of earning coins and stars. Once you have known the tips and tracks, nothing can stop you master the game.

With the help of level editor, you can create your own unique levels, using the music already given in the game or by choosing music from Newgrounds. Similar to the already existing levels, user created levels are also classified according to their difficulty level and are usually rated by the players that play the game. With each level, you will get to hear a unique soundtrack, which is named after the level of the game.

The length of the soundtrack is between 3-4 minutes.

Since Geometry Dash is a rhythm based action platform, you will require some time, patience and skills to master the game and learn its various hacks.

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