How do you get stars in Geometry dash

Geometry Dash is a steam and mobile game, which is developed by a Sweden based developer Robert Topala and is published by his company RobTop Games.

Geometry Dash is a rhythm based running game, which has 20 levels. Each level features unique music. In this game, players do not need to complete a level to advance to the next level rather the difficulty of the level increases as you advance the levels. The other features of the game are a level editor, user created levels, secret coins, secret vault, map packs and various varieties of game modes.

The musical game Geometry Dash makes use of a simple tapping system, which is used to control a moving icon. It jumps up in the air, when a player pushes anywhere on the screen.

It can also be held down to jump constantly. Though players are not given authority to control the speed at which icon moves, but it can be made to interact with a speed changing portal. The vital aspects of the game are speed and timing. The main objective of the game is to complete the stage by reaching at the end of it. However, it is a bit difficult, because every time players tries to do so, it gets crashed by an obstacle and they will have to start from the beginning.


To get stars in geometry dash, you need to focus on your speed and timing. Since you cannot control the speed, you can work to improve the timing of your game. As you complete the level and advance to the next levels, you will unlock new icons with achievements. Some of those icons state “collect 80 secret coins” or “collect 1000 stars”.

You can earn more stars by completing user generated levels. You just need to tap on the right button given in the menu bar and go to “featured” option to get started. You can also earn more coins/stars by completing mappacks. In each level, you will require coins and stars. Coins are present nearly in all levels, but are hidden, on the other hand, stars are also present, but somewhat difficult to achieve. You can visit the video for more information.

Coins and stars play a vital role in geometry dash to help you succeed. To win the game, you will need lots of coins and stars. Therefore, you need to learn the tips and tricks to get the most of coins and stars during your play. You can also find various software’s and tools available online that claim to provide you various with cheats and tricks that can help you earn coins and stars.

Like many other online games, geometry dash has its own set of functions and rules. As every type of game requires specific skills to master, therefore you would also need to practice to earn most of the benefits in geometry dash. It is a fantastic game which will provide you with hours of pleasure and enjoyment once you have mastered it.

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