Geometry Dash for iOS devices

In this new opportunity we are pleased to present the version of Geometry Dash compatible iOS devices class, is a globally recognized qualification, which already has adaptations to be enjoyed in many different devices and platforms.

Play Geometry Dash in iOS devices


Geometry Dash is a game that offers a design to the old school, with scenarios formed by geometric shapes, and through which we advance without being caught in their traps. Our character will also present the form of a cube or other geometric shape, respecting the general online gaming.

Our main duty will be to convey our character along these dangerous and intricate scenarios, keeping alert to every moment of the many traps and pitfalls that can lead to lose the game and start from the beginning. Touch controls presented by the Software are really simple and lead to users of all ages to have fun with this great challenge.

Loose obstacles and fucking in every corner are some of the many challenges with which we will find, for this reason we keep our attention the most and jump before falling into the trap. This takes us through an immense amount of scenarios and extend our fun for many more hours.

As for other options of interest observed in this title, we will find the opportunity to create our own stage Geometry Dash, with a really simple editor and different selectable objects to challenge our friends. The creation of these scenarios can also be of help just for practice, afianzándonos significantly with the controls and then succeed in missions imposed by the title.

You can purchase Geometry Dash and enjoy it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, …

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