Geometry Dash download

It is basically a mobile game developed in 2013 by a Sweden based developer named Robert Topala. The main feature of this game is that it is a rhythm based musical game with each level featuring unique background music.

It uses a taping system to control the movements of the icons on the touch screen. The object of the game is to finish the level without the need of playing in sequence. The colours of the icons can also be changed by the player themselves. Every level has practice counterpart with check point. It helps in unlocking few icons marked with green and diamond shaped gems in case you have successfully completed a particular level. Depending on the appearance of the portal the icon itself can change form. Even the circular shaped portal also has the ability to change directions of the moving character. The Character appears in four various forms i.e. the regular icon, gravity ball, ship and UFO.

Geometry Dash Download

There is another feature named level editor in the gaming process that it is accessible to those playing the full version. Here the player or the user can customise their own stage and can publicly share them allowing someone else to play. In these levels only those music can be used which are officially placed in distinctive levels.

Based on the difficulty of the level ratings are placed and with the successful completion of the level the player can unlock new icons. Auto level is known to be a popular version amongst full version users where they can complete the level without the need of tapping on the touch screen.
The geometry dash is not just a rhythm based game. It a full packed action platform that can keep you thrilled with excitement and would leave you screaming with tension and frustration the more you delve deep into each level of the game.

This musical plat former provides an amazing challenge in crossing every hurdle by jumping, flying or flipping over every dangerous obstacle but at the same time it has been made accessible and convenient to the new comers as well.

This fast paced thrilling game requires a lot of skills with proper timing. The rhythm and proper timing forms the key part of the game to proceed further.
With some impossible hurdles and difficulties, this game pushes your skills at the optimum level and at the same time can keep you busy for long time. There are other latest versions available of the game that include user created levels, secret coins and other variety of rewards.

To make the gaming easier you can download Geometry dash Hack tool from our website and can collect rewards and coins in a much faster pace. The geometry dash hack is a unique tool which you can get completely free and another good part about it is that it helps you to complete each level faster and can help you unlock all the icons. With the latest updates it has been made suitable for smart phones i.e. on iOS and Android platforms and its completely undetectable.
So gear up for the most thrilling and extraordinary game to meet the most unexpected challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. With a simple touch on the screen this rhythm paced action platform will take you to the world of unimaginable action and hold you to cherish the experience for hours.

Here we enlist you in brief the amazing features of the game in a nutshell:

  • Rhythm based full action game
  • Each level unveiling a unique soundtrack
  • Sharing and customised creation of new levels using Level Editor
  • Unlock new icons and changing colours of characters
  • Jumping, flying rockets, flipping and many more
  • Use of Practice mode to enhance skills
  • Lots of rewards and achievement i.e.( points and coins)

The Geometry Dash has been already made accessible already on iOS and android phones and presently it has finally made its way to the windows Phone. This game can cost around $1.99 on your windows phone. There are no trial versions available for this game. But we believe it going to worth every single penny. So get started to feel this amazing action packed rhythmic gaming experience now.

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