Geometry Dash: Frustratingly wonderful


Geometry dash is an obstacle course game, where you play with a character of your choice to jump objects and avoid traps. The game’s graphics are not outstanding, honestly a lot like the old game of Tetris, is a very geometric design, including the character is, as the first Mario Bros, only the character that will represent you in the game is a geometric figure or a boat by level or map that you are.

We can download Geometry Dash for mobile or we can play over the Internet on our computer or other device.


This game has become so famous and known as it has graphic features and rules of yesteryear, but also has some very original and modern features. This combination makes it unique among the games that have come out in recent times. Some of the features that reference it is that we can download music Geometry Dash, there are seven different types of soundtracks, can also choose the character you’ll play, at every level we can choose if we want to do a trial and see how is the map or if you want to directly start playing with that map and go up levels within it. What I like best and has surprised me, is that you yourself can create a map to play with him. Not only this, we will also be able to see the maps that other users have created earlier and we try.

Geometry Dash Soundtrack

Each phase has its soundtrack, and the touch screen has a special detail that grabs you and immersed in the game, if you want a more powerful effect, put on helmets and enjoy the sound, but beware: Do not let the spikes you touch because you will lose life and have to start over.



The Geometry Dash game is excellent, addictive and spend hours and hours playing. Basically it is moving through a square that can jump obstacles, flying and spinning through the air, aim have to avoid the prickly tips that make you lose and can not conclude the way to reach the goal, having to start again .

Geometry dash lite
Geometry dash lite

Mode creator

One of the best aspects of Geometry Dash is the creator mode. In this game mode you can create your own levels to share with other users of the game, plus, you can download levels made by the community.

Geometry addition Dash lets you record and share items with friends, so you can share with your friends your great feats in the game.

With all this game is practically infinite and can also interact with many people sharing levels and meet more people that I played.

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